White House Baking Company

Bringing happiness through cakes and baked goods.

Simple, delicious, and just how you hoped it would taste.

White House Baking Company is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, offering those hard to find, down-to-earth cakes and baked goods that you have loved your whole life.

Happily crafted with skill and care in Michigan.

All WHBCo. cakes and baked goods are 100% handmade, using only simple and the best-of-quality ingredients. Made for celebrations or for celebrating an ordinary day.

  • Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
  • White cake with vanilla frosting
  • Strawberry cake with vanilla frosting
  • Cupcakes
  • Old fashioned chocolate cake, no frosting
  • Lemon olive oil cake
  • Raspberry lemon ricotta cake
  • Macaroons
  • Browned butter chocolate chip cookies

Whether you just don’t have time to bake, can’t quite find that just right cake, or aren’t a baker yourself, White House Baking Company can help you make the celebration of anything absolutely delicious. WHBCo. baked goods will remind you of that bakery you found long ago, remember with fondness, and just haven’t found a replacement for yet. Celebrate ANYTHING and ANY DAY with baked goods from the White House!

You can have your cake.



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