White House Baking Co. is a cottage industry, located out of Brooke’s white house in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her love of baking began in childhood after seeing and tasting what her Nana could create in her kitchen. Brooke has worked in a few bakeries, her favorite being an old-fashioned one in Northern California. She worked there while attending seminary, always daydreaming about opening a bakery of her own one day. She has baked desserts for a well-loved local restaurant in Ann Arbor, and through this work discovered she had some unique offerings in her recipes honed over the years. She loves to bake for her family, and is still daydreaming about a bakery of her own one day. Though she may not have a storefront yet, you can still have your cake from White House! When you taste her cakes and baked goods, you will agree that you couldn’t have found it better anywhere else!